Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment

Drax Hall Resource Centre

Drax Hall Seniors Craft Exhibition

The Community Development Department recently celebrated with some two dozen senior citizens at the Drax Hall Resource Centre in St George, where they showcased numerous products for all to experience. The products formed part of the Community Development Department’s Drax Hall Active Agers Group’s Wisdom in Crafts Exhibition, held on Monday 4th December, 2023.

The exhibition featured shirts, paper craft, crochet, wire bottles, rag mats, coconut shells, polo stick ornaments, coffins, churches, vases, jewellery, animals, flowers, hats and recycled stoppers
amongst other things.

Community Development Aide , Sonia Jones was satisfied with the display, noting that the standard of exhibits on display was of high calibre. Ms Jones says the group started in 2019 is mainly made up
of residents of St George. At one time it involved seven men and 22 women, but only two men are in the group presently.

Ms Jones said the aim behind the formation of the group was to get those who recently retired in the area into wholesome activity and she says this has worked very well. She revealed the seniors also do voice training, educational tours, hikes, exercises and sports which they enjoy tremendously.

Exhibitors Allison Barrow and Willis Austin commended the group to other seniors, saying it’s an invaluable way to utilize their time in activity that’s beneficial to the community.

The Active Agers Group meets every Monday from ten in the morning until one in the afternoon, and with the Yuletide season approaching they are looking forward to their Christmas party on Monday the 11th of December at the Drax Hall Resource Centre.