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The Consumer Shield Project

The University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus Social Work Field Education Programme presents “The Consumer Shield Project”

Ms. Dawn Munroe and Ms. Rasheena Grant, two final year students in the BSc. degree
programme in Social Work at the University of the West Indies made the conscious decision
to closely assess the situation in Barbados as it relates to the treatment of consumers. This
lead to the creation of “The Consumer Shield Project”.


The Consumer Shield Project, an Education Awareness programme, was developed as a tool
to ensure that Barbadians are cognizant of the injustices that they are facing as consumers and
to inform the consumer population of their rights. Various consumer issues are arising in
Barbados and are increasing on a daily basis with little to no redress for the people. There are
issues ranging from high food and land prices to defective products and incomplete services.
While there are some consumer agencies that address some issues of the population, they are
not equipped to address all the issues plaguing the consumer population. With Consumerism
being majorly disregarded, it is necessary to educate consumers on their rights and by extension
create well informed consumers that actively participate in the promotion of justice.


Our objects are the 3 E’s: Educate, Empower and Encourage!
• To educate Barbadian consumers on the Rights and Responsibilities they possess.

• To empower Barbadians through education, to stand up for their rights on an
individual level.
• To encourage the formation of a Consumer Advocacy Group, which can rise to the
occasion and create a powerful voice for the people.


To develop greater awareness around existing consumer issues and the rights and
responsibilities of a consumer, this project will be guided by the expertise of the Office of
Public Counsel, Fair Trading Commission and the Office of the Supervisor of Insolvency.
These three agencies are well versed in consumer issues and are very informed about the
challenges that are presented daily. As a result, these agencies are in a better position to provide
the knowledge and the advice that is required for this project.

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