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Community Development Department Showers Community Seniors on Valentine’s Day

Chief Community Development Officer, Yolande Skeete says the contributions of Barbados’
seniors to the society have been invaluable, and that no amount of love showered on them
is enough.

She made the comments at the Valley Resource Centre as the CDD hosted a Valentine’s Day
event to express its love and appreciation for them. The event was held under the theme
“Loving our seniors in the community,” at which seniors received blood sugar and blood
pressure checks, back massages, manicures and pedicures, door prizes and giveaways.
“We honour you as the matriarchs, patriarchs of our society, courageous men and women
who toiled and laboured for very little, but raised children, grand-children and even great

Mrs. Skeete revealed that the exercise was a collaborative effort of three Community
Development Aides from Christ Church, St George and St Michael, ably led by Senior
Community Development Officer, Heather Jones, who planned the event. It brought
together over 50 seniors from the Briar Hall Silver Threads, Drax Hall Active Agers and Ivy
Seniors to share fellowship for the day.

Mrs. Skeete noted that the measure of a society is in how it treats its weakest members,
who are classified as the elderly, children and persons with disabilities. She stated that the
CDD is the social service agency charged with the empowerment of communities, adding
that it can be done through the individual or group approach.

The Chief Community Development Officer noted that “ the formation of groups is an
extremely powerful tool and group development is one of the key drivers of community
empowerment.” She said the old adages “there is strength in unity” and “united we stand
divided we fall ,” are as true today as they were of yesteryear.

Mrs Skeete announced that her department will support similar initiatives whilst urging the
seniors to reach out to other persons to become a part of a seniors group throughout
Barbados. She implored them to continue to care and love each other as the CDD celebrates
with them on this day of love, Valentine’s Day.

The honoured seniors were also treated to lunch, music and a health talk by a registered