Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment

More About The CDD

In 2000 the Department’s mandate was expanded as the Department became an executing agency for the National HIV/ AIDS Commission (NHAC), establishing community based HIV/AIDS Education Committees to promote the prevention and control of the HIV/AIDS virus in accordance with the policy of the NHAC.

In 2002, the Community Technology Programme (CTP) was introduced, providing training within communities in Information Technology (IT) to ensure equal access for all to the information highway and to the benefits of computer literacy. The intention of government was to gradually expand the CTP to accommodate all parishes. This would ensure that masses have access to this training as another vehicle to sustainable development. This new programme was accompanied by the creation of Resource Centres which are distinct from Community Centres being retrofitted to accommodate computer labs for IT training and Internet facilities for community access.

Objectives of The CDD

Through its programmes and activities, the Community Development Department seeks to do the following:

Facilitate cultural expression within communities towards creating a spirit of progress, cultural industries and enterprise.

Facilitate greater levels of social cohesion, inclusion and productivity through wide and varied recreational, educational and cultural activities.

Manage and maintain Community Centres efficiently and effectively.

Provide technical and/or financial assistance to non-profit organisations in support of activities falling within the mandate of The CDD.

Continue expanding the Community Technology Programme (CTP) to provide accessible high quality ICT training to the masses across the island.

Continue expanding and broadening the impact of HIV/AIDS community education committees through a more targeted approach in programming wherever possible as well as through appropriate training for committee members and other volunteers.