Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment


Getting Started

In today’s world, virtual meetings and video conferences are the new normal. Equip yourself with this introductory course to using Zoom.

4 Weeks

Basic Proficiency

Topics Covered Include:

Using host Controls

Scheduling & Customizing Your Meeting Options

Screen Sharing

Using white-board & Annotations

Breakout Rooms

Recording to Computer & Cloud

Terms and Conditions


Participants are reminded that:-

  • They must attend 75% of the classes to be eligible for a certificate. They will be reminded when they are approaching the above percentage.
  • Those who absent themselves from the programme for (2) consecutive weeks without notifying the Tutor will be automatically replaced.
  • Persons are encouraged to inform the Department if they become ill, so as to ensure the place remains available.
  • Participants are asked to note that they should make every effort to complete the course. Repeats will only be accommodated for unavoidable occurrences for which verifiable proof must be presented.

Award of Certificate

To receive a Certificate of Achievement participants must have an attendance record of no less than 75%, and achieve no less than 50% in tests overall. Participants who have attended classes for at least 75% of the time but have not achieved 50% in tests overall will be awarded a Certificate of Participation. Taking the tests does not guarantee a certificate, attendance must be satisfied.