Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment

Community Impact Programme

The Community Development Department since its inception has been responsible for the training and developing of a wide range of skills within communities across Barbados. These skill training programmes were revised in 2009 and named The Community Impact Programme (CIP). The CIP offers a range of training and income generating activities as well as some children’s clubs and recreational activities.

These activities, hosted at community and resource centres across the island, continue to be demand driven and are consequently oversubscribed with significant unmet demand in many communities.

Jewelry Making

Nail Technology

Steel Pan

CIP Initiatives

Bag Making
Cake & Pastry Making
Cake Icing
Care of the Elderly
Child Care (Basic)
Child Care (Advanced)
Cream Making
Dressmaking (Basic)
Dressmaking (Advanced)
Garment Making
Jewelry Making
Make-up Artistry
Nail Technology
Photovoltaic Installation
Soap Making
Steel Pan
Children’s Activity Club
Community Family Fun Day
Just Move (Hip-Hop & Dancehall Funk Classes)
Domestic Violence Symposiums
Parenting Programme
Self-Development Lecture/Discussion
Easter camp
Reading Camp
Summer Camp

Impacting Communities

Offered at Community Level

Delivered in a practical format

Offered on a per-centre basis


Check the Community Centres or Resource Centres near you to see what Community impoact courses are on offer.