Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment

Baje To The World — -2


The aim of the programme is to discover artist who can represent Barbados at international competitions and eventually market themselves as professional artist/entertainers.


The goal is to discover performers, including singers, dancers, magicians, comedians and more, who will appear before celebrity judges as they compete to win cash prizes and an opportunity to perform at Britain Got Talent. Those that make it through the auditions, compete against other acts in a series of semi-finals, with the winning two acts of each semi-final proceeding into the show’s live final. The major goal of the programme is to develop the artistic skills of individuals who want to pursue a career in their field of art but are unable to access formal markets.

Objectives of the Programme

To provide an opportunity for community artists to develop their natural talents into marketable and employable skills with a view to creating a solid foundation for a future career in arts.

To provide an on-going programme whereby artistic individuals could be exposed to formal competition in a structured format.

To improve and strengthen the participants’ artistic abilities so they would enhance their creative skills to a professional level.

To provide community artists with the opportunity to develop a comprehensive portfolio of their own artistic work, for both academic and professional purposes.

To provide an opportunity to create niche areas for career development in the future.

To create a resource pool of skilled artists that would be available to assist a budding creative driven market place with professional artistic services.

To help those trained to confidently respond to requests for artistic services when job and career opportunities present themselves.

To provide continued support and guidance in the development of their creative skills through on-going relevant training to help strengthen their existing creative and  professional skills as art practitioners

To help inculcate such qualities as self-analysis, self-confidence, good communication skills and teamwork in an effort to create well rounded individuals who will be better prepared to operate confidently, effectively and productively in a new technology driven marketplace.